The CGA Program of Professional Studies

Choosing CGA isn't a decision between school and work. It's the decision to combine the best of both for a better life. CGA Caribbean offers flexible studies to ensure a path to job readiness that is catered specifically to each student. Whether you are leaving school, an undergraduate, or already working professionally, CGA Caribbean will help you find the starting point that is right for you.

Who are CGA's?

Certified General Accountants (CGAs) are a select group of professional accountants working in leadership roles in Canada and beyond.

CGAs are certified by the Certified General Accountants Association in their home province. Members in good standing with each provincial or territorial Association are licensed to practise in their respective provincial jurisdictions. The CGA designation is also recognized in several other countries, and the CGA Program of Professional Studies is offered in Bermuda, the Caribbean, China, and Hong Kong.

Members are represented nationally and internationally by CGA-Canada, and closer to home by their provincial or territorial Association, and local chapters. Members in Hong Kong and the Caribbean are represented by CGA Hong Kong and CGA Caribbean respectively. Other international members are represented by CGA-Canada.

There are approximately 75,000 CGAs and students worldwide.

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